Google is working on a new tool that can help sharpen blurry videos. Discovered by 9to5Google, which managed to decompile the Android Application Package for a new update on the Play Store, the tool isn't operational yet but the publication managed to forcibly enable the user interface of the app.

Similar to the Photo Unblur tool, which is exclusive to the Pixel 7 smartphones for now, the interface is simple with clear options for crop, video, filters, etc displayed at the bottom carousel.

When you press unblur, you can choose the strength of the effect to fine-tune the output.

9to5Google also found code for new overlay effects for videos in the Google Photos app. Like Video Unblur, the feature isn't operational yet but the interface can be forcibly enabled.

For now, it provides 14 new overlay effects that can be applied over a video. Among the options are "Chromatic", which will add the chromatic aberration effect, or "VHS" and "Super 8", which, as the names suggest, will emulate video cassette tapes and film reels.

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