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    What is WhatsApp Web

    WhatsApp Web is platform which allows once to use WhatsApp in Desktop PC , Tablet or MacBook. It doesn't create any different account on desktop it just create duplicate of that one account which you want to use in PC.

    Whatsapp web

    Web WhatsApp will work same as it works in PC or MacBook as it works in Mobile. You send or receive any message using WhatsApp Web. The Message which you get in mobile will also sync in PC on same time. You can also use WhatsApp in mobile and in PC on same time, and also download same files in both PC and mobile.

    How to use WhatsApp Web on PC or MacBook?

    It is very simple and easy to use Whatsapp Web but some people didn't know how to use it. So now you have to follow this quick guide and learn how to use Whatsapp web on PC. But keep one thing in your mind that your mobile and PC should be connected with a stable Internet connection.

    • Open WhatsApp and tap on three dots on top corner of right side.
    • Now tap on WhatsApp Web.
    • Now Open on web browser of your PC.
    • Scan the QR code which appear on Desktop by using WhatsApp Web Scanner.
    • As you Scan the QR code WhatsApp will get accessible by your PC.
    • All the messages and will sync in yopr PC and anything you do in one device will be applicable on another.

    How to logout Whatsapp web ?

    Once you have done your all work in Whatsapp in your PC, you need to logout it from your PC. Because it is not safe to remain it open in your web browser. You can logout it from both your PC and Mobile. So now follow the steps and logout WhatsApp from your PC.

    Logout by using PC

    • Click on three dots on top right side near chat or profile section in your PC.
    • Now click on the last button as logout.
    • Now all set you are logout from Whatsapp web in your PC.

    Logout by using Mobile

    • Open WhatsApp and tap on three dots on top corner of right side.
    • Now tap on WhatsApp Web.
    • Tap on the button logout from all devices.
    • Now your Whatsapp is logout from your PC.

    How to use WhatsApp web in IOS?

    If you are a IOS user then you also have to follow same steps to login and logout WhatsApp Web in your PC and MacBook.

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