After TikTok was banned, YouTube has now launched its option 'Youtube shorts', Facebook will also bring one such feature 'Lasso'

After the ban on Chinese app TikTok which was very popular in India, now YouTube and Facebook are also going to bring its option rapidly. Currently, YouTube is launching an app named 'YoutubeShorts' as an alternative.

At the same time, Facebook is quietly testing one such option in the name of 'Lasso' in Brazil. Through YouTube's new app YouTubeshorts, people can create short videos and upload them like TikTok. In this, videos can be made on YouTube licensed songs.

According to 'The Information' report, just as TikTok has the option of choosing audio and music, the biggest feature in YouTube shorts will be that there will be no copyright issue regarding its audio and music as the license in this list. The songs will be music. This news has also been officially confirmed on Twitter.

Significantly, in the last two years, TikTok's popularity was growing very fast in India with more than 125 per cent downloads and in India alone it has many crores of users. According to 'The Information' report, TikTok was downloaded 84 million two million times in the last one year from Apple and Google's app store. That is, more than 15 percent growth was seen in a year.

It is not that YouTube has done this experiment for the first time. It started a feature like Instagram Story like YouTube Story which is used by about two crore people every month. Similarly, Facebook is also bringing another version similar to Tiktok's 'Lasso' which it is currently quietly testing in the Brazilian markets.

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