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Smartphone Buying Guide- How to buy a best Smartphone in the best bugdet.

Smartphone buying Guide

Hey, Guys today I am back with a new article, which I think you, your friends, your family members, and all your relatives should have to read. Because this is the most important topic for you and you need to know about it, so on this topic, I am going to tell you How to buy a Smartphone. It means a Correct Smartphone, best Smartphone and a Perfect Smartphone for you. 

You guys nowadays many Smartphones are launching after 1 or 2 days. So now I want to share one common problem which I suffer and you also suffer after purchasing Smartphones. If you purchase a new smartphone, and after 2 to 3 days a new smartphone comes in the market. Then you think that why I purchased the smartphone earlier I can wait for that smartphone. So, guys, this is why the smartphone buying guide is Important for you.

One thing also keeps in your mind while purchasing a smartphone, that the time when you buy a smartphone is the best or right time and never feel regret that I can wait for that phone. Because if you purchase that phone a new phone also arrives after 1 to 2 days. 

Prepare a Checklist

So guys If you are going to purchase you should prepare a checklist. In the Checklist, you should have to write what are the important or necessary things you want in a smartphone that you are going to buy. These things can be performance,  camera, storage, display, battery, etc. On behalf of the usage of the smartphone, you should have to prepare a checklist that will help you to buy a perfect smartphone for you or I think you should have to focus while purchasing a smartphone.

If you are asking me what I should focus on while purchasing a smartphone I will recommend the performance of that Smartphone which I am going to purchase.

Why is Performance recommended?

Whenever you purchase a new smartphone whether it is under change Rs.10,000 it works very well because nowadays low budget smartphones are very good, but after some time you start installing many apps, games on your smartphone, Performance of the smartphone started getting lower and after some months you think that your phone started getting hang. This thing shouldn't happen. If you are purchasing a smartphone then at least for 1 to 2 years the phone performance should be good.

So that's why in the case of performance you should have to check three things in a smartphone which you are going to purchase. The three things are:-

CPU- CPU refers to the central Processing Unit. In the smartphone, CPU is also called SoC (Processor). So you should have to check the SoC (Processor) of the smartphone. The SoC can be Qualcomm Snapdragon, MediaTek helio Series, Exynos.

Storage Type- Is type is also necessary for a smartphone storage type that can be eMMC, UFS 2.0, UFS 2.1, UFS 3.0. But if there is UFS 3.0 which is the latest one then that is very good.

RAM Type- So Guys most of the people neglect RAM type but this is also necessary for the performance of the smartphone the RAM type can the LPDDR4X, LPDDR3X. There is LPDDR4X RAM type which is also the latest one then it is very good.

Second Preference is Camera

Nowadays people are clicking photos more than picking calls or making calls. But the time has changed in the older days. You get one camera in front and one camera in the back of the smartphone, but nowadays you get 5 to 6 cameras in a smartphone. So that is why it is becoming difficult for you to decide. So what things you should have to see in the camera. The most important thing you should check in your camera is that which is the main sensor of your camera.

Sensor- You can see that nowadays many Smartphones are launching with 108MP, 64MP, 48MP. Thinking that the megapixel of the camera is greater than the camera performance will also be good but you are wrong. If the main sensor of the camera is good then the performance of the camera will also be good. You can see many videos on Youtube of camera reviews of this Smartphone which you are going to purchase. 

In-camera I also want to know which Camera you use most for clicking photos Rear Camera or Selfie Camera. If you use selfie camera most then see the selfie camera reviews videos on YouTube and also check the selfie camera sensor of the Smartphone. If there are 4 cameras at back and you like to click selfie more than there is no use of those 4 cameras.

Build quality of the Smartphone

The Third most important thing that you should have to check in your smartphone according to me is the build quality of the smartphone. If You have a habit of dropping your smartphone once or twice a day or in a week then do not purchase the smartphone with a glassy back finish. 

You are thinking that Gorilla Glass is covering on the back panel of the smartphone which will help the smartphone so you do not get a break then you are wrong. If you drop your smartphone one to two times from the height of 3 to 4 feet it will get cracks and then you should have to go to the service center for the repair of the smartphone.

 So not purchase a smartphone with a glassy back finish. But if you want to purchase a smartphone with Glassy back finish you should also purchase a back cover for the  Smartphone.

You can also purchase a smartphone that has a polycarbonate body because it will not get cracks easily.

Battery Performance

The Most Important Feature that all people want in there Smartphone is Long-lasting battery performance. If the Smartphone doesn't have a battery life up to one day and you always have to carry the power bank with you, then there is no need for this type of Smartphone. 

According to me, the Smartphone has a minimum battery of 4000mAh. Because the 4000mAh battery can last long up to 1 to 2 days. 

But wait for a feature that is more important than the battery is the fast charging support. The phone should have at least 18w fast charging which should be inside the box. Because some Smartphone companies like Xiaomi say that their Smartphones support fast charging but they don't give a fast charger inside the box. 

So make sure that the phone have also fast charging support and a fast charger inside the box. The Smartphone Should have also a Type-C charging port.

Avoid Purchasing old Smartphone

Many of the people ask questions that can they purchase one or two years old flagship-level phones now. So listen to the thing that the Smartphone industry gets many changes after a single month. If you are going to purchase a one-year-old Smartphone then don't purchase it because in that Smartphone you. We will get a long bezels screen and many old Features which you don't like after usage of 1 to 2 months.

Display Quality and Size

So guys if you like to play games and watch videos in your smartphone then the display most important that how much size of the display.

According to me if your hands are small than generally you should have to take the smartphone of about 6 inches and if your hands are of normal size or larger than you should have to prefer a smartphone above 6.5 inches or 6.7 inches.

If if you use your smartphone more in the outdoors then you should also have to check the display nits (brightness level). If you like to use the smartphone more in the night time or you like the punchy colors than you can take Smartphone having AMOLED display and if you like to play the games and watching videos you can prefer HDR which makes the display color more attractive.

OS of the Smartphone

So guys if you buy a smartphone you have most of your interaction towards the OS of that smartphone for which means the operating system of that smartphone. according to me, you should have to buy that smartphone in which you feel comfortable. Because if you purchased a smartphone having a different OS then your previous smartphone it will take the time you to learn how to manage with this OS. For example, an iPhone user takes time to learn the Android system.

Always keep in mind that this Smartphone which you are purchasing gives the continuous update of the security patches. there are so many brands that do not give the updates so this is not acceptable.

Brand and Budget

A brand is a personal choice of an individual some people always buy Apple or Samsung smartphones. But according to me, you should have to buy that smartphone in which you are the user's experience is very good. 

If you have a budget of ₹10,000 and another device is available at ₹11,000 and you are thinking that you can purchase smartphone ₹11,000. Because it is is best than the smartphone of ₹10,000. So guys do not do this type of thing because as I have told you that this Smartphone technology is getting updated day by day. So you should have to stick with your budget.

Brand Service

If you have finalized a smartphone that you want to purchase. So always check that the smartphone brand has a service center in the nearby area of you because after 1 year or 6 months you can go to the service center.

So, guys, these are some tips or you can say that a guide for purchasing a perfect smartphone. If you want to add something in this article you can comment down.

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