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11 Easy Ways to increase Instagram followers Organically and fastly

Increase Instagram Followers Organically and fastly

We are today living in such type of world, where people commonly share their feelings through the ways of social networking or social media which includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more social networking sites.

But today, I am going to talk about Instagram. Nowadays Instagram is becoming a part of life and it's all around the globe. And we all need more and more followers on Instagram. People waste too much money on purchasing their followers or increasing their followers, but we should only have to Invest only in the good or right type of Instagram follower's growth.

Invest in the right type of growth, What it means? 

It means that we have to choose the organic way to increase our followers, or we should have to increase our followers organically. 

Now the question is arising in your mind that “How I can increase my Instagram following

Keys used by the people to increase followers

1. Grow Instagram Following Organically

It means that an increase in the following in a natural way, using the Free tools of the application to increase the following. We can say that we're planting a seed by posting content, engaging with people and watching that you are growing

2. Buy the Instagram Following

If we search in Google search in that “Buy Instagram Following” a million of results will appear, and they are giving you the services that they can increase your hundreds of yours following in the cheapest rates. But these followers aren't real they don't like your posts which means that they are meaningless.

So, we should have to choose the strategy of increasing the following Organically. If you like these tips also comments down about which is the best tip.

Tips to Increase your followers Organically

The good is that if you will follow the given tips you will be able to increase your Following in minimum time. And these tips are provided to you free of cost.

#1. Define Yourself

The first and most important tip is that you have to define yourself in such a way that people will get attracted to you. You should have a limited character, so be sure that write as much as clear about you. You can use the different font styles and signs in your bio. The fonts are available on the internet. 

If you have a business be sure to put URL of your business in your bio so that people can explore your business further and you can share your location. Use the Quotes according to your Nature, so that people will get attracted to your profile.

#2. Make a post Schedule

You should have to make a schedule of posting your image. Choose a certain time for posting and post at that time daily. Try to post once, twice in a day.

The thing moves Faster on Instagram, it means that after 1 day your post will disappear from your friend's feed and other feeds. So this also a reason you should have to post daily.

#3. Hashtag like Savage

The hashtag can be a way to attract other people towards a specific interest. Hashtags are of two types: Community and Branded Hashtags. The community Hashtags are general or common like #Sneakers. Whereas branded Hashtags are specific to one company like Sneakers and Company #Sneakersandco

Doesn't use the same Hashtags in all the posts, use different and relevant Hashtags with different posts.

#4. Using Videos

Some People think that Instagram is only made for posting images, not videos, but they are wrong because videos tell to whom you are, and what you're about. Nowadays slow-motion videos are too much liked by the people so, you can also post the slow-motion videos.

You can promote the product and services in the videos differently or entertainingly. So that people will know about the product, and yourself also.

#5. Join Instagram Groups

Joining Instagram Groups is one of the best methods to increase your followers because if you will engage with others, they will like your posts, and also help you to spread on Instagram.

But in return, you should have also to respond to their likes and comments.

#6. Go Live on Instagram

If Instagram has given a Live tab, then you should have to use it. You should have to follow a style means you can answer the questions of your followers or you can Share the joyful movements through getting live on Instagram

#7. Post Images that allow your followers to tag their friends

You should have to run the campaigns which allow your followers to tag their friends. If your followers tag their friends, their friends will also visit your Profile and if they like your profile they will also start following you.

#8. Engage with your followers

When people comment on your posts you shouldn't have to leave them just like or replay to their comments. Because of your engagement with your following matters the most.

#9. Posts Quality matters

If you want to be Insta-famous you should also have Buy good quality of Camera or a Smartphone which clicks a smoother and Tone full Image. Because a good Post will spread all over Instagram.

And always try to click post in Light. Light means here a natural light not artificial light. Don't use the heavy filters.

#10. Tag location in your Post

For Example, You have a business of Footwear and you want that your business will grow you should have to share the post on Instagram but you also have to tag your location. So that needy people can come to Shop to fulfill their needs. And this will also help helps you to grow your business.

#11. Creating Captions

You posted a Post on Instagram use Hashtags properly and also do the necessary things for your post, and now you think the post is ready, but you're wrong because one of the best methods to attract others towards you are creating a great caption.

Through Captions, one will be able to Know about one attitude and especially greater Captions creates a greater impact on your post.


The tips which you have read above will help you to increase your Instagram following Organically. I know this will take a little longer time than buying Instagram followers but these followers will result to run a long race. These followers engage more with you than they bought followers. To grow your followers Faster also remember these key points:

• Define Clearly. A clear profile photo, clear cut bio, and a unique type of feed will help you to increase your Following fastly and organically.

• Engaging with others. You should have to engage with others by creating a post that allows others to tag others, replying to others' comments.

• Help others to find you. Use the relevant Hashtags, captions, tag locations because these things help others to know more about you.

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