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Get a 30UC Spin Voucher and a Premium Crate Coupon for free 100% Working

PUBG MOBILE create many events in which we get some outfits and Skins, So now PUBG has started a Lucky Draw Events in which we can Spin and win some items by using UC, But wait guys if you don't have UC and you want something in free then I can help you. As we all know that in the game PUBG mobile we get the Crate coupons through which we get some mythic, rare and other items, Which make our player More attractive and other think that He/She is a Pro Player of PUBG. So Guys we all want those Legendary items. And we Will also get a 30UC voucher in free.

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So, Today I am back with a new trick through which we can  get crate Coupons and 30 UC voucher in free to get these items in free you have to follow steps those are:

1. Firstly open up your PUBG MOBILE game.

Click on Lucky Draw

In your Right side of your lobby (as shown in the above image) you have to click on the Lucky Draw event.

Click on the Airdrop

Then Click on the Airdrop which is on left hand of the screen (As shown in the above image).

Tap on this Airdrop

30 UC Voucher

4. Then tap on the airdrop and you will get a 30 UC voucher, which you can use to spin the Lucky draw.

Tap on the Gift

5. If you want a Premium Crate coupon then click on the gift covered with ice on the right hand of the screen (As shown in the above image).

Click on the Ice covered gift

Premium Crate coupon

After clicking on the gift covered with ice, a new screen will come and on that screen you have to click on the box and you will get a Premium crate coupon, which you can use to open the crates.

I hope you will Understand what i want to say, Please also comment if you want more interesting tricks of the PUBG game and you can also read the Tech news form our website. And stay in touch of your website and help me to grow my website so I can put more efforts by your support because your support will encourage me to do more hard work.

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