How to Create a Custom WordPress Login page

WordPress is the one of the leading content management system which offers you lot of advantages than any other content management systems. WordPress allow users to register on the WordPress hosted websites and allows them to receive your updates regularly. In case of membership site, WordPress allows the webmaster to change the logo of the WordPress and makes them to update their own customized logo instead of the WordPress logo. You can easily make out your  Custom WordPress Login page within a minute. Replacing the WordPress logo with your customized logo makes the user to feel comfortable and it provides branding for your site. When you use your own logo in your WordPress website, the custom login page will match your Website theme. Changing the default WordPress logo with your logo prevents the users to get confused. In this post, I have shared an information about creating custom wordpress login page in your wordpress blog.

This post dealt with how to customize your login page with your own logo, the WordPress logo of your website can be changed by using the Theme My Login Plug-in. The First thing you have to do is that, download the plug-in from the link and install it in your WordPress website. Once the Plug-in has been successful installed, and then the plug-in menu will be appeared as Theme My Login under the Settings menu. Additionally it also creates a Page called LOGIN. This is a powerful plug-in to change the WordPress logo of the website as well as it creates the login page that has several options that you can change and configure for your needs. When you click the Theme My Login menu, then you will see menu as follows,


The basic tab consists of Page ID which can be used to include in wp-login file and also it has several option which allows the users to login by using their email address. The customization of the page can be also done by using the custom css file in your theme directory.

The Modules tab consists of various types of functions which satisfies your requirements. This module has several functions such as custom email, custom passwords, custom redirections, custom user links, custom security, etc… These functions are explained below, so that you can easily enable what modules you need.

Also, Theme My Login allows you to place login form or login components at your sidebar or at any other widgetized area of your WordPress site. You can easily log in to your admin panel by simply entering your login details in that login components itself. Suppose if you have Gravatar account, then your gravatar image will be appeared on the login area after login.  Branding of your site can be done with these plug-in; even you can rebrand your email when a user signs up for your site. By using the modules tab, you can easily compose HTML and you can send it in the email too. The Default logo of the website can be easily changed and your customized logo can be replaced in the place of Default logo. Your custom login page can be easily created by using Theme My Login Plugin.

Custom wordpress login page enables you to create a custom login page for WordPress blog. So that you can attract users by custom wordpress login page.

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