Apple Shutdown its Password Security System

Is it real? I cant Just imagine that Apple shuts down its password system due to the flaws that presents in its system. It has been Proved that Apple has a flaw in password protection system. Since around 500 million people has been registered in itunes and App Stores, Apple shuts its password protection system in order to Protect the privacy of the Users after discovering a flaw that allows malicious users to access other people’s accounts.


The vulnerablity that opens the doors to reset anybody password by using the Apple iForget Page by using an Email id, date of birth and some kind of personal information. These details can be easily attained by the Social networking sites very easily.

This flaw was exposed on Friday by The Verge after a tip-off from a unnamed source. When the media asks about this to Apple Spokes person he didn’t said about the existence of loophole before it was revealed.“Apple takes customer privacy very seriously,” the company said in a statement to the FT. “We are aware of this issue, and working on a fix.”

After this incident, Apple had made the system to be offline while it worked on the solution.  For only those customers who had remembered their password are not affected by this event. But who cannot remember their passwords, wish to purchase from iTunes are unable to do so.

As a result, Apple has announced two step verification, which are already Presents in Google Accounts. This makes the people embarrassed. The new system can takes upto three or more days to activate the digital Shopping for the Users.Total consumer spending on Apple iTunes and the App Store is about $ 17billion by Asymco mobile researchers estimated last year, the world’s largest stores of digital content as a function of. ITunes for some 500million people registered their credit card details. In order to protect their privacy Apple immediately acts according to the  Security flaw. “Think different” made the Apple to be the choice of most of the People around the globe.

Finally, Apple has to step in to Cloud internet service to compete with Google.


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